Sky Travel is closed - what are the best alternatives?

Thanks to increasing competition from other online travel companies, Sky Travel decided at the end of May in 2010 that it would fully close and cease trading in June of the same year. It had functioned with a split focus on its television channel and website, and reasoned that it could no longer survive in a world dominated by exclusively internet-based companies.

There are several key stages involved in booking a great holiday - to choose a resort, to research hotels, and to find the cheapest deals - and although Sky Travel was an important stage in this process for many of its loyal customers, the very nature of its downfall hints that it was not the only provider of such service and indeed not even the best.

What, then, were the competitors which eclipsed Sky Travel in its internet business? There are, without exaggerating, hundreds from which you can choose. The most famous include Expedia.co.uk, Hotel.com, Booking.com, Tripsta.co.uk, Octopus.com, and many, many more.

It can be a long, tedious and inconsistent process to search all of the top online travel companies, when researching the prices for one particular resort or one particular hotel. In order to make this process easier, it is best to consult a price comparison website, which simultaneously searches the offers from all of the cheapest websites and shows you more clearly which company does the best deals for which holiday.

The most famous holiday price comparison website is travelsupermarket.com, but it faces stiff and worthy competition from the excellent trivago.co.uk. Visit these websites, find cheap deals, and you'll barely notice that Sky Travel has disappeared at all.

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