Sky scanner - The flights comparison website

Sky scanner is a search engine for cheap flights. It's a website that allows users to browse flights either by price or location. You can’t book the flight from skyscanner.net, but if you find a flight from one of over 1,000 listed, you will be transferred to the airline or travel agent’s website to carry out the transaction.


Sky scanner is a free service that's available in over 25 languages. It is accessed from the net and is also available as a mobile app or via Facebook. You can use the site to find flights for a chosen destination or to consider your options, if you’re not sure where you want to go. Users can click 'Everywhere' or 'Map' to get inspiration or click 'Whole Month' to find the cheapest days to fly.

Mobile App

To get the benefits of the system whilst you are away from a computer, you will have to download the app. The company’s 'All flights, everywhere' app is available for both Android compatible phones and iPhone.

Award Winning

Sky scanner is an award winning website. It is recommended by leading broadcasters and publishers like BBC Radio 1, The Guardian and The Independent. Travel publications like Which? Travel and The Sunday Times Travel have also praised the site. When Which? Travel reviewed the site they wrote, “Sky scanner led us to the cheapest confirmed fares fitting our criteria in every scenario”. The Sunday Times Travel were just as complimentary in their review, “Well-designed site makes searches a delight, and features a broad range of airlines.”

The verdict

Sky scanner can also be used to find hotels, car hire and travel insurance. With over 14 million users logging in each month, the future looks bright for Sky scanner. Due to its popularity competitors have arrived in the market. Users now have a choice of similar websites including Kayak.com, Travelocity, Dohop, Orbitz, Mobissimo, and CheapOair.

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