Skip the Pyramids, head for Sinai

Catching sight of the Pyramids is nothing but a tick on the “why yes, I’ve seen the Pyramids” dinner party conversation box. So try something else in Egypt instead - like a mountain walk.

Until the end of November is a great time for trekking in Egypt with warm sunny days and nights that aren't too chilly for camping beneath the stars. Three, five or 10-day group walks through the Galt region of the Sinai mountains are available with Responsible Travel, passing through labyrinthine dry river beds, narrow canyons, orchards and weird rock formations, with stop-offs for much-needed swims in natural pools.

You'll visit Byzantine ruins, Greek Orthodox monasteries and Bedouin rock houses, where you might camp if it's very cold; otherwise it's campsites and eco-lodges all the way. From €325 for three days to €650 for 10, including accommodation, guide and food, but not flights, Responsible Travel is the way to go.

Oh, and on the way back, pick up a few postcards of the Pyramids and a papyrus that you can send to your dinner party pals. Box ticked.

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