For coach trips across Europe try Skills holiday coaches

Skills holiday coaches have a competitive and alluring range of european coach tours available. With visits to languid Amsterdam, romantic Venice and beautiful Paris, passengers can journey to the very best European cities. Here's a look at some of the inexpensive coach holidays Skills offer right now.

Fortunately Skills have a wide selection of joining points for their coach holidays, with locations in across the East Midlands and South Yorkshire as well as London and Kent. So if you live in and around Derby, Leicester or Nottingham, or can reach their scheduled stops in South and East London, Skills could be for you.

The trip to Amsterdam currently starts from £79 per person for three nights. This coach trip embarks on a ferry from Hull before travelling from Rotterdam to Amsterdam for a quick tour of the city. Visitors get to experience the Van Gogh and Anne Frank museums, and cycle around the relaxing tree-lined canals of the city. Departures are scheduled for January and March 2012.

For a longer trip somewhere that little bit warmer, the Diano Marina trip to the Italian Riviera. Passengers receive 6 nights accommodation in a seaside hotel, as well as 2 nights accommodation whilst travelling. Excursions to Monaco and Monte Carlo can also be arranged. The price for this coach trip is £498 for departures in July.

Elsewhere in Italy is the Sorrento and Italian Highlights coach tour. This takes guests in comfortable, air conditioned coaches to cities like Rome, Pisa and Naples, as well as through the most gorgeous Italian countryside. This trip lasts for 12 days and is priced at £771 per person.

For more about Skills holiday coaches and their full range of destinations across Europe, check out their official website.

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