Skiing holidays in France

Skiing holidays France

There are dozens of different ski resorts in France and finding the right one for you can be a daunting task, so to lend a hand a couple of the best are detailed below, along with a resource to help you find others.

Without a doubt the biggest and best place for avid snow sports enthusiasts to go for skiing holidays in France are the linked resorts of Tigne and Val d'isere. The combined area is known as Espace Killy and spans three mountains and two valleys, with 137 ski runs totalling 300 kilometres of pisted area. Whatever your skill level you'll find a wealth of skiing here. The resort also boasts 331 snow cannons, ensuring that there is snow from November right through to the end of May. To top it all off it's also home to stunning views, and often described as the most beautiful skiing area in the world. Espacekilly.com is the resorts official site.

Another great resort is La Plagne, although not as large as Espace Killy it still boasts a formidable ski area, and much of it is below the tree line, allowing you to ski through scenic woodland. As with Espace Killy it is large enough to offer a significant amount of skiing for people of all experience levels. You can find out more about the place at la-plagne.com.

These two resorts are both great places to go on a skiing holiday, whether a beginner or seasoned expert. However there are dozens of other resorts and many of them are also very good, so in order to research resorts for yourself, the best place to go is ski-france.com. The site has information on every French ski resort, including piste maps, ski area and photos, as well as listings of hotels and prices in the resort. So if you're not sure that Espace Killy or La Plagne is for you, this site has all you'll need to find somewhere that is.

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