Skiing Holidays 2014

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Europe is home to some of the most popular and scenic skiing destinations in the world and with pistes that appeal to all tastes and skill levels, it is little wonder why skiing holidays in 2014 are such a popular trend.

European Skiing Holidays

Austria offers superb facilities and meticulously prepared pistes, as well as scenic cross country routes through pine forests and lake land regions. Beyond the slopes, Austria is also a legendary apres-ski destination, giving it huge all-round appeal for beginners and seasoned pros alike.

France’s ski resorts feature adventure for all the family. There's the food - naturally - but also larger ski complexes such as Trois Vallees where visitors can experience a huge variety of runs suitable for all age groups. Meanwhile, areas such as Haute Provence are home to more physically demanding routes featuring ravines and valleys that skilled skiers will adore.

There are also a wide variety of exotic options for skiing holidays in 2014. The Czech Republic, for example, isn’t famed for its skiing but is none the less a stunning destination for lovers of the slopes. Poland's Tatras Mountains, too, feature many breathtaking slopes for those looking for adventures off the beaten track.

All-In-One Skiing Holiday Destinations for 2014

In 2014, European destinations remain the gold standard for skiing lovers of all ages and skill levels. In addition to the popular destinations mentioned above, resorts in Bulgaria and Andorra have also proven to be popular amongst those looking for adrenaline fueled adventures during their holidays. Whether you are looking for a family holiday in a scenic setting, or the perfect slopes to challenge your skills, great deals on some of Europe’s most popular and scenic skiing destinations can be found on http://www.snowtrex.co.uk/. All in one packages for all the above mentioned destinations are readily available and are suitable for single travelers, families and groups of friends.

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