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Skiathos holidays are a great option when looking for an unforgettable experience. The island enjoys seven months of warm sunshine and is well-developed as a holiday destination.

Skiathos is one of the three northern Sporades islands in the Aegean, located just off the Greek mainland. It is well connected to Athens, Velos and Thessaloniki by ferry. Goutos Lines and Cyclades are just two of the ferry companies providing services to Skiathos. Between April and October Flying Dolphin and Flying Icarus hydrofoils operate between the mainland and Skiathos. Flights from Athens to Skiathos take 40 minutes.

On Skiathos there are many golden sandy beaches. Lalaria Beach can be reached by taxi boats from the town of Skiathos. It is beautiful with steep cliffs rising behind and is covered in smooth white stones. On the Kalamaki peninsula one can find two great beaches, Ayia Paraskevi and Vromolimnos The latter beach is good for windsurfing and waterskiing. Banana Beach is a very trendy nudist beach on the far side of Pounda headland.

Most tourists stay in the town of Skiathos where there are many good restaurants and clubs. Borzoi is the oldest nightclub on the island. Skiathos also has an outdoor cinema. The town itself is quite developed, but if you head to the western side you will find some charming alleyways, overflowing with flowers and and many old houses.

Rental companies abound in Skiathos offering cars, bicycles, mopeds, mororbikes and even motorboats for hire. Buses and taxis are to be found around the ferry harbour area.

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