Ski resorts where you’d least expect them.

If you’re eating al fresco and enjoying the last of the summer sun, you may not yet be thinking about winter breaks; unless that is, you’re a skiing addict. And there are many of us around. Once you’ve enjoyed the exhilaration of the piste and the sun reflecting off the white snow, you’ll want to take every available free moment to pursue your hobby.

There are plenty of great deals around for winter skiing with travel companies such as Thomson, Thomas Cook or Easy Jet, but if you’re looking for something a little different, we’ve trawled the web and come up with the following destinations where you can take to the pistes with an exotic slant, as recommended by the Daily Telegraph.

For those who really have the ski bug, you don’t have to renounce the pleasure of skiing in summer. Head for southern hemisphere Lesotho’s mountains, where it’s possible to ski from June to September, partly thanks to a snowmaking machine. About 3,000 tourists, mostly from South Africa, visit each year.

Another opportunity for skiing exotica is Morocco, normally associated with desert sand. But the country is also home to the Atlas Mountains and its ski resort at Oukaimeden, the highest in Africa, is just 50 miles from Marrakesh. There’s plenty of skiing for all levels and plenty of accommodation.

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