Ski Holidays to France

Ski holidays in France

The French Alps

The French Alps are the most popular ski slopes for ski holidays in France.

A wide range of slopes are on offer in the French Alps, from the shallow and easy beginner slopes through to the highly challenging and breathtaking double black slopes.

During ski season, holidays in France are very expensive once you factor in the price of flights, accommodation and ski equipment hire, if applicable.

The Pyrenées

Bordering Spain in the south, the Pyrenées is the second most popular region for ski holidays in France.

A smaller, but still wide, range of slopes await thrill seekers in the ski resorts of the Pyrenées.

Travellers looking for information about ski resorts and chalets in the Pyrenées region should browse tourist information and ski magazines to find the most suitable slopes for your group's ability.

Other Areas

There are several other isolated skiing areas within the central regions of France, away from the Alps and Pyrenées.

A popular pair of ski resorts adorn Mont-Dore, three hours drive west of the second largest urban area in France, Lyon.

Alternatively, skiers can visit the Bellefontaine ski resorts where the natural snowfall can be augmented with an artificial substitute.

Booking Your Ski Holidays in France

Finding cheap fares on ski holidays in France can be achieved through two main ways.

Firstly, travellers can find package deals online, where the price of flights, accommodation and access to equipment and the slopes are all included in the price.

Secondly, ski holiday travellers can compare the price of flights and accommodation using websites such as Skyscanner.net, Travelsupermarket.com or Cheapflights.co.uk.

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