Where to go for ski holidays in 2012

Ski holidays 2012

Ski holidays are tremendously popular, so in order to ensure availability at your resort and accommodation of choice it is vital that you book early. As such it's worth planning any ski holidays in 2012 as soon as possible.

For an unbeatable ski holiday in a premier resort, consider a trip to Whistler in Canada. It is North America's biggest ski resort, and in turn one of the biggest in the world, it also generally has great snow, leaving minimal risk of there being poor skiing conditions when you get there, and it features tree lined runs, making for a very attractive setting to ski through. On the down side it can get very busy, so all the more reason to book early, and being a major resort it is also fairly expensive. However, if you can afford it Whistler offers some of the best skiing you'll come across, as well as plenty to do off the slopes thanks to a large number of restaurants, bars, night clubs and organized events and activities. Although generally high, prices are variable and depend entirely on which hotel you book with and which part of the year you want to stay there during, but to see what's available whistlerblackcomb.com is a good place to start.

If price is an issue, then take a look at Poiana Brasov in Romania. This resort is famous mostly for how cheap it is, as it offers very low prices, and being in Europe it shouldn't cost much to get to either. The ski village itself is small but attractive, and despite being a low cost resort many of the hotels are actually quite good. However the ski runs themselves are limited and easy, so while it is ideal for beginners it is not recommended for experienced skiers. As with any other resort exact prices will vary based on when you go and where you stay, but to get an idea of what's available take a look at booking.com, which has full details of 27 hotels in Poiana Brasov.

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