Sizzling hot tub holidays in Scotland

Why Scotlandis great for hot tub holidays

Hot tub holidays Scotland are a wonderful way to unwind. After enjoying the beautiful scenery, whether by driving, hillwalking, kayaking or simply strolling, what could be better than immersing in a hot tub?

Hot tubs are available as one of the luxury amenities in a variety of self-catering cottages and chalets. Fully serviced and easy to operate, with ledges to accommodate wine bottles and glasses, they are the ultimate way to relax.

Where are the best venues for Scottish hot tub holidays?

Where you choose to book your hot tub holidays in Scotland depends on what else you intend doing. If you’re looking for stunning views of rolling meadows, Kessock Highland Lodges (www.lodgeswithhottubs.org.uk/Scotland/Highlands/Kessock-Highland-Lodges.html) offer full relaxation after hillwalking or cycling through the terrific scenery. Their Beauly Lodge can be booked for a romantic getaway for two (three nights from £650), or for families of four (£630 for three nights).

Discovery Lodge on the Island of Buidhe, offers a sauna and a four-poster bed, available for three people (three nights from £491). Separated from mainland Scotland by a causeway, this location is ideal for nature lovers.

Where can I book hot tub holidays in Scotland?

Hot tub holidays in Scotland are proving to be increasingly popular, so there is no shortage of openings offering online booking. And once you’ve got a taste for Scottish hot tub holidays, and feel like exploring elsewhere in the British Isles, check out romantic weekend breaks.

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