Sir Richard Branson cleaning toilets in a skirt on an Air Asia X flight?

If you happen to be flying low-cost Air Asia (Air Asia.com) on the 21st of February next year and see a stewardess with a beard, it’s highly likely to be the one and only Sir Richard Branson. After losing a bet with Air Asia's chief executive and founder Tony Fernandes, the Virgin boss will be serving passengers on board his rival airline's flight dressed as a female flight attendant, reports the Daily Mail.

His duties will include cleaning the toilets, no mean feat for a hefty guy wearing AirAsia X's regulation red outfit, make-up and high-heels. Branson lost a bet with Fernandes over whose Formula One team would be placed higher in this year's rankings when Fernandes' Lotus F1 secured better race finishing positions. The two airline owners had agreed that the owner of the losing team would dolly up as a flight attendant on the other’s airline.

The February flight from London's Stansted Airport to Kuala Lumpur is not yet on Air Asia X's reservation system, but seats on the flight will be auctioned off with the proceeds going to a charity of Branson's choice.

So if you’re planning to go to Kuala Lumpur in February, keep your eye on Air Asia X’s web site and you may end up being served your G&T and bag of peanuts by Sir Richard himself. We’re sure they’ll be served with a smile, not only because Branson is a good sport: Virgin Group owns 20 per cent of Fernandes's AirAsia X, so at least he’ll get some promotion for a company he has a stake in.

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