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Do you know Europe's flirt friendliest cities?

If you’re single and want to go on vacation... check out our singles travel map: see what cities have the most single men or women in your age group and head there for your next holiday.

There are plenty of reasons for choosing a specific holiday destination. Animal lovers might prefer wild, densely forested regions. For those looking for strenuous hiking tours, Europe’s mountainous ski resorts exert an irresistible attraction. And what about all those sun worshippers sizzling under the Mediterranean heat? However, what if your main priority is to chat up girls (or boys, let’s be honest ladies...) How much information can we get on a city’s flirting and dating potential?

Single and desperately looking for a vacation?

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Are you a single girl and you are between 18 and 24 years old? Then you should definitively spend your holidays in London, as there are loads of single guys of your age! Similarly single guys in their twenties should shift their attention to Grenada in Spain, where the percentage of single women is highest. There will be scarcely any competition on the dating scene in Grenada.

Single holidays and solo travel

The odds of meeting a single woman in her forties are best in the Irish capital, Dublin. Quickly book now, as it might be too late soon. The older single women get, the more difficult it will be for them to find single men in Europe’s top cities.

How to find those perfect single men or women:

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Whether travelling with a group of single friends or in solo, keeping a close eye on the odds is essential for making the right holiday decisions. Why complicate things when your flirt barometer can rise significantly in a city with low dating competition?


If you are wondering where we took the data from, here you go! Statistics for the list of Europe’s top travel destinations were taken from Euromonitor International. After we set up the circles’ width by taking the basic population figure of each city from Eurostat, we calculated the cities’ singles percentage using data generated by Facebook’s Ads platform which provides statistically relevant ratios for Europe.

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