A Guide to Single Person Holidays in 2011

People who want to travel to far away and exciting places will often find that their friends or family will not be able to go with them. However this does not mean that these people will need to give up on their holiday dreams. Instead of going away with a group of people, holidaymakers can go on single person holidays in 2011. This scenario is not as scary or lonely as one may think it is.

Those who are afraid of feeling lonely on a trip should stay at a hostel. Hostels are great places to meet and socialize with travelers from all walks of life. The modern hostel caters for both the young and old. Those who are afraid they will have to compromise on comfort should be aware that many hostels are very clean, comfortable and modern. Hostels can be booked on Hostelbookers.Com. Cheap hostels in countries like Thailand can cost as little as $2 per night. Hostels in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and America will be more expensive.

Those who want more structured single person holidays in 2011 should consider going on a group tour. People who are 18-35 can book a Contiki tour. More information on these tours can be found on Contiki.com. These tours are an excellent option for people who are concerned about their safety or want a holiday planned for them day by day. Those over the age of 35 can book tours on websites like gapadventures.com. As this type of tour generally has at least 10 people, holidaymakers will have others to enjoy their travels with. Buyers should be aware that tours can cost anywhere for a couple of hundred pounds to thousands of pounds per trip. It is much cheaper to go on holiday alone and book a room at a hostel.

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