Single parent breaks.

With nearly a third of UK households being occupied by just one person, a figure that has doubled since the early Sixties, a growing number of travel companies have woken up to the fact that the demand for holidays for single people is increasing and potentially huge, reports the Daily Mail. Specialist companies are organising anything and everything for solo holiday makers, from trekking up Kilimanjaro to touring China.

However the age-old holiday dilemma for single parent families hasn’t gone away. Travelling overseas with young children can seem daunting, even a little lonely, not to mention the fact that a single mother or father travelling with children is often hit by an under-occupancy supplement, as hotel prices are normally based on two adults sharing a room.

But if you’re a single parent wondering whether it might not be easier to just stay at home, don’t despair. Check out the ‘Small Families’ web site (www.smallfamilies.co.uk). ‘Small Families’ provide adult company for you and friends for your children with escorted group holidays for single parents. You’ll be met by a holiday ‘host’ at your destination airport, who will be on hand for support throughout your stay.

The company is currently offering some tempting escorted group holidays for single-parent families, such as a high end Kenyan safari in April. And Friendship Travel (www.friendshiptravel.com, 0871 200 2035) has recently started a new brand called Single Parent Holidays, offering, amongst others, a trip aboard a gulet in Turkey in August.

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