Singapore's Best Designer Budget Hotels

Looking for a stylish stopover in Singapore that won’t set you back an arm and a leg? We've gathered the very best in quirky designer gems for your next visit.

Quincy Hotel

This downtown charmer offers an all-inclusive rate, throwing in not only three meals a day, but a dangerously tempting free happy hour into the mix. If that doesn’t quite win you over to this sleekly designed 108-room building, then how about 2 free laundered items per day and a limo from the airport? Topped off by a glass-enclosed pool on the 12th floor with breathtaking views of the Singapore skyline, the Quincy, like its charming TV medical examiner’s namesake, really is hard to resist. Rooms from £120 per night.

The Hangout @ Mt. Emily Hotel

Found in the tranquil Emily Hill garden district, The Hangout @ Mt. Emily hotel is an exciting and eccentric alternative to a traditional hostel. Although somewhat bare, the colour-coded rooms have their own distinct charms, with some rooms able to sleep up to 5; ideal for groups of friends. The on-site facilities are certainly impressive: laundry, internet, free coffee and tea, and a roof deck all add to the comfort of your stay. All of this is a hop, skip and a jump away from the metro station and the lively and increasingly popular Little India neighborhood. From £40 per night.

Hotel Re!

Hotel Re! is determined to take you back in time, with its wonderfully curated selection of mod-era furniture and 60s inspired “Veg Out” lounge with its ever rotating programme of international films. As a nice philanthropic touch, for each stay the 140-room property donates money to local youth charities. From £75 per night.

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