Singapore Sweet Treats

Within the hour, you barely notice it. But later, as you’re walking past a tiny bakery in Chinatown, like the ones that sell egg custard tarts on Sago Street, the combined effect of the sugary toasted aroma from the baking and that aromatic Singapore can mean only one thing – carb craving.

Predominantly, you'll see Chinese, Malay, British and Indian bakeries or cake stalls. More recently, French trained or influenced pastry chefs are affecting the look and flavour of some of the local recipes.

No better way to sugar-start your day than with sweet breakfast doughnuts from Xi Di Li on Sims Avenue. Go around 10am, and the first of the day's sweet morning buns, called Ma Jian, will be hot from the fat and ready to eat. At 70 cents (about 31p), they're a bargain for breakfast.

By elevenses, you’ll be ready for coconut buns from Hock Khong on the corner of Lorong Geylang and Sims Avenue.

And by lunchtime, you’ll be ready for the big game, a Wife’s Delight at Loong Fatt Eating House – and it says exactly what it does on the tin!

You take two balls of dough, one loaded with lard and the other plain, then they're patted together, rolled up, patted and rolled again to make a bespoke puff pastry to cover each cake. A sweet paste of cooked winter melon and sesame is spooned inside and the dough wrapped around it à la Eccles. Baked in a blazing hot plate and flipped once to scorch both sides, the cakes are served piping hot; heaven on a plate.

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