Singapore Night Safari

The Singapore Night Safari is the first of its kind in the world, and visitors get to see jungle animals in a different light. With over a thousand animals, 29 percent of which are endangered, the place features flora and fauna from eight geographical zones within its 40 hectares. This tourist attraction has received three Michelin stars, and was part of the 40 Jewels in ASEAN’s Crown 2007 as the Best Natural and Man-made Attraction. Whether by tram or by foot, the whole family will enjoy this night-time adventure.

The programme begins with a presentation by the fire-eating Thumbuakar Tribe from Borneo. Next comes a tour through the Himalayan Foothills area, where cliffs and gorges are a common sight. The boulders are dominated by bharal or blue sheep, because of the colour of the male’s coat; markhor, with its spiralling horns, called the “King of Wild Goats” because of its size; and Himalayan tahr, which can conquer the steepest slopes.

The marshes of the Nepalese River Valley section are next, where the Asian deer, sambar, take the spotlight. Pelicans, golden jackals, and the greater one-horned rhinoceros are some of the other creatures here.

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Varying from grasslands to rainforests, the Indian Subcontinent section is home to the Gir lion, only a few hundred of which are left in the world. Also inhabiting this region is the shaggy, tree-climbing sloth bear which can hang from branches upside-down.

In the section simulating tropical Equatorial Africa, visitors can catch a glimpse of the bongo, an antelope; the Cape giraffe, the tallest land animal; and the serval, which means “wolf-deer” in Portuguese.

The Malayan tiger is the star of the Indo-Malayan area. According to superstition, some of its body parts can ward off evil. In the Asian Riverine Forest area, the black and white, pig-like Malayan tapir can be seen, as well as the Asian elephant.

The capybara or water hog can be found in the South American Pampas section. The giant anteater, which also consumes soil and sand, lives here too. Finally, by the Burmese Hillside section resides the gaur, an extremely strong type of cattle.

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