Need a great Singapore Hotel?

Singapore hotels are generally really good quality and pretty affordable. There can be no real complaints about them, but why pay more than you have to? Even if the hotel is on the cheaper side there is always a better deal if you are willing to look. Or in this case, we've done all the work, just read on!

For around £80 a night you can stay at the Chinatown Hotel in Singapore. This is a much-loved hotel by regular visitors to Singapore. It is cheap and cheerful as well as being very comfortable and quiet. It is the perfect hotel to relax in.

The location of this hotel is perfect for first time visitors of this great city. It sits where it gets its name from, right in the centre of the vibrant Chinatown. This area is always buzzing with energy so it is the perfect place to be. You are also just a short walk from the globally known People's Park.

The rooms are spacious and very well sound-proofed, meaning the bustling streets outside won't stop you having a good night's sleep. Each room comes with a colour television, thermostat and air con, writing desk and drinks facilities.

While there may not be many on-site facilities, you are literally sitting on some of the best night life and restaurants the city has to offer. This is the perfect hotel for people that want to enjoy a great holiday in Singapore. Be sure to check out the Chinatown Hotel.

 (photo © Flickr)

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