Silversea gives gold service.

Silversea (silversea.com, 0844 770 9030) is offering a high-end cruise from Tower Bridge, London to Iceland which departs on the 5th of July of this year, the perfect time to go in search of the midnight sun. It is the only cruise line which makes its way right up the Thames (pictured), giving you the feel of a door to door service and the pleasure of setting sail in true style.

The cruise lasts for 15 days and your fortnight will be spent in glorious luxury. Cruise ship Silver Cloud is one of the line’s smaller and more intimate ships and is gloriously luxurious, reports the Daily Mail.

As you cruise north, the first port of call will be Aberdeen, before leaving land behind and making en route haunting island stops in Lerwick in the Shetland Islands and Torshavn in the Faroe Islands. Then it’s serious sailing to Iceland where the ship will cruise around the island, calling in at Akureyri, Isafjordur and Reykjavik.

This luxury cruise does not come cheap at £5,333 per person for 15 days, but the price does include all meals, tips, wine, champagne and butler service, and you’re sure to have the trip of a lifetime.

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