Sightseeing in Brugge

The entire city of Brugge in Belgium is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Once the poorest city in the country, Brugge is today a centre for art and a popular tourist destination.

Located close to Brussels and an ideal destination for a day tour from the capital, Brugge has cobblestone streets, mediaeval architecture, and canals which bring Venice to mind. Brugge, though, is known for its museums.

Have you ever pondered over your chips? The Frietmuseum may have some answers to your questions about Belgian fries. From the peeling to the frying, you’ll see the machines used to turn potatoes into tasty treats, and learn about their place in art, film, and music. Enter another delicious world in the Choco-Story museum and hear the tale of this delectable sweet. Perfect your Brussels holiday with a Bruges Swan, a specialty made of almond paste, biscuit, spiced flour, and of course, chocolate.

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The St. George’s Archers Guild will teach you a thing or two about crossbows. Shed some light on the history of lamps at the Lumina Domestica museum. A girl’s best friend takes centre-stage at the Diamond Museum, a testament to “Europe's oldest diamond centre”. Flemish jewellery, diamond polishing, and the gem’s origins are among the highlights of your visit.

Our Lady of the Potterie used to be a hospital in the 13th to 17th centuries, but today houses silverwork, furniture, and sculpture. Also of interest is the Baroque church in the area.

Take a religious tour at the Basilica of the Holy Blood, where you’ll find the masterpiece ‘The Shrine of the Precious Blood,’ which is done in gold, silver, and more than a hundred gems, depicting Christ, the Virgin Mary, St. Basil, and St. Donatian.

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