Siesta hotel opens in Argentina

People might question your intentions if you explain that you need to use a hotel just for a few hours, especially if you are accompanied by a 'friend' or supposed relative, but in Buenos Aires, a new hotel encourages you to do just that.

As the world's first ever 'siestario' or siesta hotel opens in Argentina, the tradition of taking a siesta or an afternoon power-nap has been revived as locals and visitors alike are invited to 'choose the soft music, coloured lighting and calming fragrances 'in their room 'before catching up on their 40 winks', the Daily Mail reveals.

The hotel, named the 'Selfishness Siesta Hotel', is based close to the huge Galerias Pacifico shopping centre, where owner Viviana Vega hopes that tired shoppers with sore feet, and the equivalent of £20, will want to come and take a load off, before being gently woken up, given a refreshing herbal tea and sent back out into the maddening crowd.

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