Sick of Jingle Bells? Get to Cuba for tunes, tunes and more tunes

Havana = Top Tunes, Top Musicians and Top Clubs. If this appeals to your musical nature then read on and we'll fill you in on where to go in Havana for some good tunes and good times.

One of them, La Rampa, you've got to enter through an English telephone box, while to get in to another, The Jazz Cafe, you must close your eyes and get past a bevy of 'ladies of the night' waiting for you on the stairs leading up to the club - no peeking now!

With all this dancing and sweating, and avoiding the ladies mentioned above! you might want to nip into El Floridita in Habana Vieja for one of their world class daiquiris - this by the way was one of Hemingway's favourite watering holes.

If you're after something higher up the BPM scale then probably the best house and techno music will be found in the old cabaret venue, Las Vegas.

But really, with all these Caribbean sexy, sweaty, bumping, kicking jazz tunes going on, you can wait till you get back home for your Norman Cooke fix.

For some sample tunes straight out of Cuba check out Havana Cultura, a double CD out now from Brownswood recordings, brownswoodrecordings.com.

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