Looking for cheap shuttle flights from Manchester to Gatwick?

Shuttle flights from Manchester to Gatwick

Inter-city flights are becoming more and more popular these days as the flights become more regular, easy to catch and cheaper. It means that it is a more viable option for getting across the country for business meetings and holidays alike.

If you don't like to spend ages searching through various different websites looking for flight prices and times, then you can use a flight comparison site. There are a number of them out there, and they have become increasingly popular.

They go out and find details from a huge number of websites and display them all in an easy-to-read list.

Using Last Minute (lastminute.com) you can find some very good flight prices for shuttle flights from Manchester to Gatwick. In October you can get a return flight from Manchester to Gatwick from just £85 return and the flight takes just 1hr 10mins.

At the moment all shuttle flights between Manchester and London are run by British Airways.

Cheap Flights (cheapflights.com) is another flight comparison website that is very popular. Looking on here you can find return flights at the end of October for £75.

These flights work out much cheaper and time effective than travelling by car, as this journey would take 4 hours and use around £43 of petrol each way. This is one reason why businesses are using the flights for meetings and short trips, and it increases the amount of time in the office and makes operations more efficient and cost effective.

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