Shropshire’s Ludlow = foodie heaven

Chances are you’ll have to whip out the map to find Ludlow since up until a week ago it was an unknown in the traveller's world. You may also need help finding Shropshire to begin with...

However, just a week ago, Mr Underhill’s (of Ludlow fame) was named Britain’s best restaurant by the Harden’s restaurant guide. Which basically means you’ve got bugger all chance of getting a table in there for the coming 18 months. But being foolish and optimistic you’ll take the missus down there as part of some recreational ritual and of course won't get a table.

Fret not. Not only does Ludlow contain Britain’s best restaurant, it’s also got six butchers, The Little Big Cheese Shop and De Grey’s coffee shop. So that’s fry-up, cheese sambos for lunch then a slab of chocolate cake before the off. If you get lost or stranded catch some Zzz’s at Dinham Hall dinhamhall.co.uk

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