Ideas for destinations for short fishing breaks

If you have been thinking about taking a bit of a fishing break then why not stop thinking and make it happen? The UK is blessed with some of the best fishing destinations in the world, so in this blog we are going to take a look at some sites that can make planning short fishing breaks a joy.

For pure relaxation and cost, it is hard to beat a fishing holiday. Kicking back at the side of a picturesque river without a care in the world, it is one of lifes simple pleasures! With such riches on your doorstep in the UK, it can be a little hard to decide where to go though. While we will leave that decision up to you, we can recommend a few sites to help you.

The first site we think you should check out is is Waterside Breaks at www.watersidebreaks.com. Waterside Breaks specialise in fishing holiday cottages, and waterfront properties, that will allow you to kick back and just worry about catching a few fish. Prices are completely reasonable, and they have a wide selection to choose from.

Another site well worth checking out for their excellent range of fishing options is www.countryandfishingholidays.co.uk. This site offers carp fishing holidays in picturesque log cabins. Their location is in a 60 acre rural setting, just a short stroll away from a three acre lake stuffed with fish for you to take on!

Finally, if you would like a more rugged option, then we recommend checking out Trout Quest at www.troutquest.com/. This site offers salmon and trout fly fishing breaks in Scotland. You will receive lessons and guides when you arrive to help you on your way.


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