Who to Book Your Short Breaks to Paris With

Paris is one of the popular cities of romance but you don’t just go there for a short break. Many people look at short breaks to Paris to enjoy an elegant shopping trip or to take their children to Disneyland Paris. Here are a few options when it comes to booking your trips.

Lastminute.com has a variety of short breaks to Paris, whether you want to spend a weekend with your partner and spend the time in the hotel or want a short trip with the family. There are the options to fly or take the Eurostar across; there are also coach trips available if that’s more your scene. If you’re travelling between 1st September and 31st October 2011, you can fly from London to Paris from as little as £99.

Short-breaks.com also offers a variety of trips for those wanting to spend some time in the French capital. Most of these journeys are done by Eurostar but you’ve got free reign of what you do while there. Take a day to see the sights and spend a few days at Disneyland, which is perfect for adults and children. Travel starts from £119 depending on when you book for and how many nights you want to stay in the city.

Disneyland Paris is doing some great deals in conjunction with the Magical Moment Festival. When you book your travel in August 2011, you’ll be able to get a free night’s stay when you book two in one of the Disney hotels. Depending on the date that you book for, kid’s up to the age of 12 will stay for free.

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