Short breaks from London by train: The possibilities are endless!

Think of it! It's old rainy gloomy London-town, usually your favourite place on earth, but not today. The sky is grey, and there's nothing really exciting going on. What you need is a shot in the arm, and there's nothing like taking advantages offered to you by the short breaks from London by train that are just a mouse click away!

Of all the short breaks from London by train, the classic is taking the Eurostar to Paris, where you'll be whisked from St Pancras international station in London to Gare du Nord station in the middle of the famed city of lights in under two and a half hours in comfort and style. Eurostar run over twenty services per day, so whether you want an early start or a leisurely afternoon trip, they've got you covered! Prices start at £39, but if you book through the Eurostar website (www.eurostar.com) you have the option to book both your hotel and train in the same place, and often this can lead to significant savings over booking both separately.

If you want your short breaks from London by train to go further afield (and why wouldn't you!) then you need to check out the always excellent Seat61's guide (http://www.seat61.com/Italy.htm) to traveling by train from London to Italy. For less than £123, leave on a Thursday, take a grand tour of Western Europe's most beautiful scenic area, spend a night in Turin and another in Rome, and then be back by Monday. If that thought isn't enough to chase away the thoughts of the grey skies of London, then nothing will!


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