Enjoy the West Country seaside with short breaks in Weston Super Mare

With warm weather and a gentle breeze coming in off the Bristol Channel, short breaks in Weston Super Mare can be an idyllic throwback to the traditional English seaside summer escape for all the family.

Weston Super Mare, famous as the birthplace of John Cleese, retains enough of its reputation as a tranquil coastal backwater to be attractive to anyone looking to avoid the crowd. There is still plenty to do though, with the Grand Pier the centre of activity.

The Grand Pier (www.grandpier.co.uk) is a theme park in its own right with rides, amusements and food outlets to suit all ages. Try the Go-Karts, scream in the House of Horrors, or bend your mind a little in Psychedelia.

For the young ones there is a soft play area, while grown-ups can try their skills on the F1 simulator. Admission to the Pier is free, but there are charges for rides. Go Karts for example are £5 per person, while the Adventure Cove soft play is £3 per child.

On rainy days, the Seaquarium (www.seaquarium.co.uk) is a sensible option. The underwater tunnel provides visitors with a close-up look at  sharks, rays and other creatures of the deep. Admission is £7.99 for adults, £5.99 for children.

Weston is one of the few remaining UK resorts that still offers donkey rides along the beach. Kids love a short clip-clop along the golden sands, offering a great picture opportunity. The nearby beach cafe allows fond parents to look on over a cup of coffee.

For more information and ideas on short breaks in Weston Super Mare check www.weston-super-mare.com or www.visitsomerset.co.uk.

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