The Ideal Short Breaks in Scotland with your Kids

If you are always longing for a family vacation to spend exclusive bonding time with your family, why not spend your short breaks in Scotland with kids. Scotland boasts many child friendly destinations and activities that the whole family can enjoy which includes climbing, plunging, playing, riding and camping.

Camping is one of the best family activities for short breaks especially if you are thinking of spending quality time with your significant others. Scotland offers various campsites that will definitely suit your needs and preferences—campsites in the mountains, sites just within the city skirt or campsites by the sea.

The Staffin Camping and Caravan Site is one of the best child-friendly campsites in Scotland which is located on Isle of Skye in the Hebrides. To know more a about the wide range of campsites in Scotland, go to visitscotland.com to learn more about their rates and availability.

If your family is not a fan of camping, there are other various destinations you can choose from. For families with kids who love nature, why not pay a visit to the Scottish Sea Life Sanctuary—an open window to marine wonderland. The sanctuary showcases a spectacular aquarium with rehabilitation facilities for common and grey seal pups. Visit www.sealsanctuary.co.uk for amazing tour deals.

For Harry Potter fans, make these short breaks in Scotland with your kids a memorable experience with the rail journey at Jacobite Steam Train across the Glenfinnan viaduct. Surprise you kids with this train ride. They will immediately recognise it from the Hogwarts Express in Harry Potter films.

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