Fantastic short breaks in Europe from Ireland

For years, people have been having the time of their lives on short breaks in Europe from Ireland. Whatever you're looking for on your break, whether it's fabulous landscapes, exciting cities or a bit of both, you can be sure that you'll find it in Europe.

Due to its proximity and close ties to Ireland, the UK has always received a large proportion of visitors from Ireland. For a short break there are few locations that can match the UK.

The Lake District is an area of unrivalled beauty in the UK. The panoramic views, relaxed atmosphere and genuine beauty of the Lake District make it one of the best parts of UK to visit for a short break. Finding quality accommodation in this glorious region is easy with the help of websites like Booking.com.

Mainland Europe is also very popular with Irish tourists. There are dozens of cities that feature prominently in any travel guide. The Czech capital, Prague, is ideal for a short break.

Wandering around the cobbled streets of Prague, it's hard not to feel that you've gone back in time. The city is full of tourist attractions and historic monuments that provide the perfect setting for a short break. Wencelas Square, the astonomical clock and Prague Castle are just a few of the places that deserve your full attention in this magical place.

It's simple to find a great deal on a short break in Europe from Ireland. Travel agents like Thomson and Thomas Cook are constantly running terrific promotions on breaks in Europe and are well worth checking out if you feel the need to get away this summer.

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