Shopping with Alice Cooper this Christmas

Obviously when Alice Cooper is in town visiting his old bat-eating buddy Ozzy Osbourne the pair of them nip down to the Bullring in Birmingham for their Christmas shopping.

Says the hardcore rocker Alice: "They've got Selfridges, too. The men's section is fabulous: last time I was there I got a great leather jacket from All Saints." Makes you feel kind of tough doesn't it?

And now we know who wears the (leather) pants in the Cooper household: when visiting London, Alice can be found down in St. James' flea market rooting around for Victorian Jewelery which his wife collects; "she's got me fully trained in what to look for," he says.

But if all this is a bit too metrosexual for your liking then toughen up, jump on a flight up to Edinburgh and check out the uber-market that is Prince's St. German Market.

Shopping done? Then it's straight to the Piccante Cafe where you can try the 'Man's Special: burger, chips and a pint.'

Take that Cooper ya big girl's blouse.

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