Best Middle Eastern-style shisha bars in London

Middle Eastern-style shisha bars and cafes have been sprouting everywhere not just in London. It used to be you could only find a handful of expat-Arab coffee shops with shisha lounges on the Edgware Road. Today, however, you can find shisha bars and lounges across the UK in as far away places as Guernsey. There’s even a shisha lounge at the Sheraton Skyline Hotel at Heathrow. This is great news for those of us who love a pipe of shisha. Check out these three best Middle Eastern-style shisha bars in London.

Al Shishaw (Miramar) Restaurant

Al Shishaw (Miramar) is a large Egyprian-style Restaurant with remarkable 1970s style frontage and OTT interior of coloured stone and mother-of-pearl. This restaurant design may not be to everyone's taste, but it certainly sets a distinctive atmosphere in the capital. There is no alcohol on the menu, but you will find one of the best shisha bars in London here. Those into their shisha will especially love that the tobacco is quite smooth and the shisha lounge unapologetically suited for intrepid shisha smokers only.

Location: -53 Edgware Road, W2 2HZ Marble Arch tube

Opening hours: Mon-Thur 5am-1am; Fri, Sat 24 hrs; Sun 5am-12midnight

Telephone: 020 7262 6212

Mô Tea room

Mô Tea Room is a quirky oasis that is an offshoot of London's original Arabic den Momo. Similar to traditional North African tearooms and souk stalls, Mô does not serve delicious North African-style meals only like salads, pastriesand fruity cocktails laced with spices, but also delightful strawberry or melon-flavoured sheesha. The tranquility of the terrace lounge sets the mood perfectly for shisha smoked from a theatrical 'nargile' pipe, especially on a warm eveningwhen smokers can spill out on to Heddon Street.

Location: 25 Heddon St, W1B 4BH Oxford Circus or Piccadilly Circus tube.

Opening hours: Open daily 12noon-11pm

Telephone: 020 7434 4040

Café Cairo

Café Cairo closes our list of best shisha bars in London. The café originally opened as an Amsterdam-style coffee shop back in 1996, but has since transformed into a nice chill place for a smoke or to just hang out. The only sweet smells coming from the café are those of fruity tobaccos. You can enjoy shisha at just £5, which is half of what you normally pay at most shisha lounges. The cost of food and drinks, however, might be a bit on the high side at the café.

Location:88 Landor Rd, SW9 9PB Clapham North tube.

Opening hours: Open daily 6-11pm.

Telephone: 020 7771 1201

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