Shh! 3 real Dublin bar secrets

Right, here’s your top three Dublin Bars that will have by now sent home the last of the plaid trousered Americans after the Paddies Day debauch, so you can get down to some serious socializing and Guinness sinking.

Anseo is an alternative, funky and resolutely unpretentious Dublin establishment. Anseo has emerged from former incarnations as Circus and Con's Pub to finally nail that elusive Camden Street vibe. The surrounding Village Quarter has been slow to gentrify, but that's no bad thing – the mix of fruit and veg vendors, charity shops, funky cafés and surreal dereliction has more character than Temple Bar and the docklands combined.

Next up, the Dice Bar, where Huey from band the 'Fun Lovin Criminals' is an investor so the Dice Bar's gritty New York City feel isn't surprising. Blacker-than-black with a kiss of red, the funky DJs, robust beers (many from a local microbrewery) and a clientèle spanning boho, metal and carpetbaggers from the D7 area of town provides a unique overall feel – as if the East Village and Smithfield met in a tattoo parlour.

And for that little something unexpected, you’ve got to hang about in the Sackville Lounge where there's a delicious awkwardness to be had when a first-timer pokes his head into the Sackville. Small, unassuming and strangely addictive, this is the kind of place you can wander into for a pre-cinema pint, get talking to a guy who keeps his belongings in a plastic bag, and emerge at 1am feeling like you are actually in a movie. Check it out.

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