Sheer Seville: A Holiday Guide

Seville is as striking as the scent of its orange blossoms. According to popular myth, it is a city “raised by Hercules.” The capital of Andalusia and one of its liveliest regions, Seville stays true to its extraordinary origins.

Seville is a place of cultural heritage, where the flamenco is in full swing, and the bullfight is a tradition. It was the home of important painters and sculptors who left their works in the city’s care, and is the birthplace of the legendary ladies’ man that is Don Juan. Seville is also famous for its tapas, appetisers ranging from Huevas (fish roe with mayonnaise) to Jamon (cured ham), paired with Jerez (sherry) and other local wines.

Spend a holiday in Seville during Holy Week or Semana Santa, one of the biggest events of the year. Incense fills the air as religious figures are paraded on floats, and crowds of repentants look on. Some carry huge crosses, while others play music accompanying the processions.

After this, the bullfight season begins at Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza, an oval ring with a baroque façade by Rio Guadalquivir. Purple, yellow, and red capes fly in the air, as picaderos on their horses spear the powerful bulls for the toreros to finish them off with a sword’s thrust. If the torero performs outstandingly, he will take home the bull’s ear.

Built in the 15th century on the remains of a mosque, the Cathedral is the largest gothic building in the world, and one of the most visited attractions during a holiday in Seville. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is where the tomb of Christopher Columbus lies. The immensity of the Cathedral is arresting from within, as the nave is left bare, the space only broken by the monuments at the side aisles, crafted out of gold. The central altarpiece, wood-carved and gold-laden, is particularly stunning, with 45 scenes from Christ’s life.

Other attractions to see on a Seville holiday are Plaza de España, Palacio de Lebrija, and Museo Arqueológico.

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