The three best Shearings coach holidays in Italy

Shearings coach holidays go all around Europe, but few countries elicit such fascination as Italy, arguably the heart of Western civilisation, next to the mind of ancient Greece. Indeed, Italian society has probably produced the most lasting contributions to Western culture, from the standardised glories of the Roman empire to the reflections of the Renaissance.

The three Shearings holidays chosen here communicate not only the cultural clout of Italy, but also the natural beauty of its geography. They are chosen based on a combination of these factors, alongside their value for money, designed to help you choose a holiday experience which will give you a fuller and truer experience of the real Italy.

  • Heart of Italy. A cheap 9 days escorted tour taking in all the highlights of Rome, the centre of the ancient world, and Florence, the base of the Renaissance. There are also chances to visit Assisi, and explore the beautiful landscapes of Tuscany. Prices start at just £379 per person, with a half board service.
  • Adriatic All Inclusive. A 9 day holiday staying at the elegant Hotel Punta Nord Rimini, complete with its own private pine forest, and just 50 metres away from the beach. The holiday includes three excursions to San Marino, one of the world's smallest countries, San Leo, a famously beautiful small village, and Bologna, a magnificent city of history and culture. From just £476 per person, all inclusive.
  • Beautiful Lake Garda and Venice. Another 9 day holiday including 6 days of dinner, bed and breakfast. You will stay at the Hotel Sole, just 250 metres away from a promenade overlooking Lake Garda, one of Europe's most beautiful locations. The holiday includes excursions to Verona, the town of Romeo and Juliet, Venice, and a trip to the Italian granite mountain range, the Dolomites. From £319 per person, half board.

All holidays travel by coach, with no flights or other transfers. To read more about these Shearings holidays, or learn about other options, check out the Shearings website at Shearings.com.

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