Shearings "Grand Tourer " coach holidays

Shearings "Grand Tourer" coach holidays are rightly marketed as the ultimate holiday experiences, giving holidaymakers not only a carefully planned and refined itinerary around areas of cultural and historical significance, but ensuring that they do so in a very high standard of luxury.

The following three examples all share the same standards of travel and accommodation, all using coaches with the latest safety technology, onboard DVD players and temperature controls, and all staying at the most luxurious hotels in the regions of the places they visit.

  • Grand Italian Tour. 14 days discovering the beauty and culture of perhaps the most productive country in terms of its contributions to Western civilisation. Enjoy sightseeing tours in Rome, Parma, Pompeii, Assisi and more, and marvel at the beauty of Lake Como, the Amalfi Coast and Lake Maggiore. Prices start from £1000 per person, with a mixed board service including some evening meals and most breakfasts.
  • Great Eastern Cities. 12 days travelling around the varied and inspiring cities of eastern Europe in the finest gold liveried coach, with luxury accommodation at every stop. Highlights include a free day to explore the city of Berlin, a visit to Wroclaw, restored carefully after near total destruction in World War II, a trip to the royal castle in Krakow, a tour of Prague by night, and a chance to climb to the top of Cologne Cathedral. From £848 per person, with a half board service.
  • Magnificent Russia the Capital of Culture. 17 days travelling across Europe to Russia via Antwerp, Berlin and Warsaw, visiting Moscow and St Petersburg, then travelling on to Tallinn (the 2011 Capital of Culture), before making your way home via Stockholm, Malmo and Hamburg. Includes tours of Moscow, St Petersburg and Tallinn, taking in all of the famous sights. From £1480 per person, with a half board service.

To learn about other trips from the Shearings "Grand Tourer" coach holidays catalogue, or book yours today, check out the Shearings website at shearings.com.

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