Wait until you hear about the Sharm el Sheikh summer 2011 holiday offers

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The sensational Egyptian resort of Sharm el Sheikh is one of the premier holiday destinations in the world. Tourists from around the world flock to the Red Sea paradise every year for sun, fun and sand in huge numbers. The reason we're telling you this is because there are loads of incredible Sharm el Sheikh summer 2011 holiday offers available now.

Leading travel agency, Sunway, brings you one of the deals of the summer for Sharm el Sheikh holidays. If you're free to travel between September 9th and September 24th this year, you can avail of their 7 night stay in Sharm el Sheikh for €819 per person. This includes return flights and taxes and is one of the best deals in the travel industry. The only stipulation is you must book before July 31st.

Falcon Holidays also have some fabulous Sharm el Sheikh summer 2011 holiday offers that are worth checking out. Flights and accommodation in Sharm el Sheikh are available for €789 per person for 7 nights in August 2011. Or if you're prepared to wait until October to visit Egypt's incredible Red Sea, you can book a 7 night holiday for €679.

Visitors to Sharm el Sheikh will be delighted to discover the unique blend of beach life, culture and clubbing that's available here. The glorious reefs of the Ras Mohammad Marine Park and the offshore reefs of the Straits of Tiran are just a couple of the fantastic outdoor locations that promise to take your breath away in Sharm el Sheikh.



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