Heading to Shanghai on a budget? Check out these Shanghaicheap flights now!

Before we get started on the flights, here are a cool couple of facts about Shanghai:

  • it is the largest city in the Republic of China and the eighth largest city in the world
  • it is home to the worlds second tallest tower, the Shanghai World Financial Centre, and it stands at 474 metres high
  • The most expensive toilet in Shanghai cost RMB 5 million to build (approx £467,000).

Ok! Now that you are suitably impressed, here is where to start looking for your Shanghaicheap flights! And what better place to look than your very own, homegrown airline? British Airways! These guys have flights in April from London from £1065 return, from Manchester from £994 return and Glasgow from £994 return.

Another source to take a look at is the Hainan Airlines website. This Chinese airline company specialises in providing economic flights for passengers into and out from China, including Shanghai. For example, you can find flights in April from London starting from £1766 return, Birmingham from £1841 return and Manchester from £1839 return.

If you are looking for cheap domestic flights then Elong is the way to go. This company, (one of Chinas leading online travel companies) searches for the cheapest flights within China. To give you an idea of just how cheaply you can find Shanghai flights through Elong: in April there are flights from Beijing from £84 return, Guangzhou from £215 return and Nanjing from £60 return.

Please note: these prices are subject to change, depending on the dates you select and the availability of Shanghai flights at the time of booking. To maximise your chances of booking cheaper Shanghai flights try to book as far in advance as possible and be flexible with your travel dates. With both of these companies you can purchase your Shanghai airfares online using your credit card via a safe and secure website.

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