Shamel Shake Egypt is a modern wonder

Shamel Shake Egypt

Shamel Shake Egypt is one of the most interesting destinations in Egypt, being the important administrative sight that it is. UK travellers with an interest in modern Egyptian history will find much to take in this bustling city. This city was long an important military base for the country.

Because there are mountainous areas in this city, it is also something of a natural wonder. This promontory overlooks the Straits of Tiran, which consist of narrow passages between the Sinai and Arabian peninsulas.

Because of the numerous peace conferences that take place in the city, Shamel Shake Egypt is often referred to as the City of Peace.  Native Egyptians often shorten the city’s name to simply “Sharm”.

Tourism is a major focus of Shamel Shake Egypt, as there are over 90 resorts. Many of the world’s most popular hotel chains, such as Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton,and Hyatt Regency, have made investments in the area thanks to this emphasis on tourism. In 2007, Shamel Shake Egypt became home to an aqua park hotel resort.

There is much nightlife in Shamel Shake Egypt, with a scene more modern than one might expect. Dance clubs and bars abound. For those more interested in taking in the traditional culture, there are numerous handicraft stands throughout the city.

For UK travellers, it is not tough to find flights to Shamel Shake Egypt, since many websites offer cheap flights there. You can also speak to your travel agent about how to get to this fascinating city.

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