Shake off those winter blues with a staycation.

If you’re planning a ‘staycation’ to shake off those winter blues, but looking for a hotel is proving to be a pain, why not check out the uk.hotels (http://www.ukhotels.com/) website? Not only is it user-friendly, with click-on categories of ‘cheap hotels, ‘luxury hotels’ and ‘London Hotels’, which take you to other sites, but it also has a ‘feature hotel’ for you to read about. Currently there’s a review of a supposedly haunted hotel, the Berystede in Ascot, favoured by the racing crew and boasting King Edward VII amongst its famous guests.

If you fancy a trip to our great capital London, Tune Hotels (www.tunehotels.com) opened their first hotel in Westminster, London, in August this year, offering accommodation based on the no-frills airline concept. Rooms are small, around 9 square metres, and there is no wardrobe or table, but a comfortable bed with quality sheets and duvet and en-suite bathroom are provided in a central location.

Rooms are advertised at from £9 per night but realistically with add-ons (paying by credit card costs an extra £1.95, storing your luggage an extra £2 etc), prices are more likely to be around £40 per night, still excellent value in this part of town. For those who want to focus on London’s attractions, using the hotel only for a decent night’s sleep and a hot shower, Tunes is the perfect option.

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