Shake a leg in New York City.

If you’re teetering on the right side of ‘macho’ and wouldn’t been seen dead waltzing in Viena, why not head for the US and try breakdancing in New York? There’s no question of being seen as a namby pamby: breakdance requires a lot of physical strength, so start practising your press ups and turning that fat to muscle.

New York's b-boys may have originally turned the dance world on its head, but nowadays breakdance has entered the mainstream and courses are available where you can learn to do amazing things with your body.

Many classes are geared towards locals rather than tourists, reports BBC Travel, but the NYC Hip Hop Dance Company (500 8th Avenue) will accept one-off visits at its weekly lessons near Times Square.

A pre-paid single class costs $13, walk-ins will pay $16. You won’t be able to master all the toprock, downrock, power moves, freezes and suicides in one session, but you can have a bash.

See the experts in action in the clubs, and explore New York's hip hop history at Queens Hollis Famous Burgers (20103 Hollis Avenue). This reasonably priced burger joint opened in 2008 and a year later added the Hollis Hip Hop Museum. While waiting for burgers, customers can view over 100 items on the walls from local rap legends, like Run-DMC, Ja Rule, LL Cool J, and Irv Gotti, the founder of hip-hop record company Murder Inc. Enjoy!

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