Seven Must-See Travel Destinations in Europe

As irresistible as chocolates are to kids, and as addictive as online games are to teenagers, Europe is the craze of travellers. Europe’s beguiling beaches, arresting architecture, and pulsating parties will leave you craving for more of the continent’s attractions. So before the travel itch gets too unbearable, why not go over our list of the best European places to visit? Here they are …

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London. This British city’s not one of the world’s greatest for nothing.

  • Highlights: The stunning London Eye, the iconic Tower Bridge, the towering Big Ben of the Palace of Westminster, and the home of the Queen, Buckingham Palace, are more than enough reasons to jet off to this British city. Images of Harry Potter are evoked by attractions such as King’s Cross, Stonehenge, and Warwick Castle. Live music in posh concert venues and small pubs is also a must.

Paris. The “City of Light” glows with its romantic atmosphere and the grandness and magic of its attractions.

  • Highlights: Paris’ celebrated landmark, Eiffel Tower, stands in all majesty, overlooking the entire city. This celebrated icon has probably starred in more films than any D-list actor or actress. The Louvre inundates tourists with culture, history, and art, highlighted by the famous Mona Lisa. Popular activities include fashion-ogling at Spring Fashion Week and themed guided walking tours: Classic Walk, Da Vinci Code, World War II, and the French Revolution tours.

Venice. Another European charmer, this “sanctuary on a lagoon” combines a romantic ambience with a distinct medieval elegance.

  • Highlights: Take a romantic cruise with your paramour along the Venetian canals on a gondola. Or hop on a Vaporetto (water bus) and get a priceless view of the Venetian sunset, its quaint architecture, and other Venetian watercraft at the Grand Canal. In the mood for opera? La Fenice Theater defies any description for its unrivalled opulence and intricate design.
  • Greece. Charmed by the gods, this European beauty offers remarkable ancient ruins and glistening beach resorts.

  • Highlights: The Parthenon in Athens is a symbol of antiquity, while Santorini stands for fun, and lures honeymooners with its dramatic sunsets and immaculate white houses by the breathtaking blue sea. Don your best bathing suit and lounge by the fantastic beaches of the Greek islands while sipping a cocktail. Not a beach bum? Marvel at the glory of the Classical Greece through museums, ancient temples, and historical sites.
  • Rome. This “Eternal City” exudes perpetual beauty in its remarkable Roman Empire structures and rich Roman Catholic churches.

  • Highlights: Once the home of deadly gladiator contests, the Colosseum overwhelms tourists with its renowned Roman architecture and engineering. The exceptional design of “the greatest of all churches in Christendom,” St. Peter’s Basilica, will leave you in awe. Michelangelo’s masterpieces, Maderno’s façade made of travertine stones and Corinthian columns, and baldacchino (bronze, pavilion-like) altars are just some of the basilica’s attractions.
  • Switzerland. Europe’s winter wonderland, Switzerland is a haven of thrilling adventures and soothing public wellness baths.

  • Highlights: Walk through thin boulders of rocks three to eight meters above the ground in Jacobsbad Fixed-Rope Park. Or glide from one point to another while suspended on a rope overlooking snow-capped mountains in Switzerland’s first suspension rope park.
  • Amsterdam. Netherlands’ capital may be old-fashioned, but its hip and laidback culture provides an extraordinary kind of fun.

  • Highlights: Mix a hot cup of coffee with amazing views at Leidseplein, a square that bustles with activity during summer. Amsterdam windmills will fan their way to your hearts with their classic charm.

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