Set off to a romantic start on a cruise close to home.

If you’d like to do something amorous with your partner for St. Valentine’s Day but feel a February trip close to home might get a little chilly, take that special person out to dinner instead and propose a mellow spring cruise departing on the day of the royal wedding.

Cruise & Maritime Voyages has two cruises which depart on that much awaited heady day, the 29th of April, with large TV screens in the departure ports for passengers to watch the celebrations. The crew will then offer a royal banquet on board, reports the Daily Mail.

Try their three-night cruise on CMV’s Marco Polo which is sailing from Tilbury to fun-filled Amsterdam. With starting prices from just £249 per person, it’ll be difficult to find a more affordable deal. For those with a little more time to spare, the cruise line is also offering a six-night cruise on their Ocean Countess cruiser which sets sail from Hull on the 29th of April for the Norwegian Fjords. Call 0845 833 9798 or visit cruiseandmaritime.com for further details. Bon Voyage!

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