The best self catering accommodation Jersey

Jersey, politically neither part of France or England, is an island located in the Channel Islands chain just off the coast of France. Boasting a tax free status due to its political autonomy it has become one of the most wealthy parts of the UK commonwealth.

Jersey boasts fine dining, picturesque views and a relaxed island atmosphere that has made it a popular tourist destination for years and years.

Getting there couldn't be easier with numerous ferry connections and daily direct flights from over a dozen UK and Ireland airports but what is the best self catering accommodation in Jersey?

We love simplicity so thats why we love the service that Freedom Holidays provides. Find them at http://www.freedomholidays.com/. They have a comprehensive list of self catering accommodation in Jersey in each of the twelve districts. Allowing customers to book accommodation separately to travel arrangements. Customers can search by number of people to stay in the accommodation or by the number of bedrooms required. Each accommodation option has its own profile including full colour pictures, details of the features of the accommodation and the rates for the rental of the accommodation.

Also included is a map showing the location on the island and a list of nearby attractions and how far away they are. I have personally stayed in the Beaulieu Cottage via this website and I would recommend it to everyone looking for self catering accommodation in Jersey.

Channel Islands Direct (http://www.channelislandsdirect.co.uk) is another option for travelers. Offering not only house and cottage rentals but also camping options this might suit some travelers who wish to look for the budget option. This site also features a destination guide which is a must read for anyone who is traveling to Jersey.

Bon Voyage!

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