Select Camping Holidays: An Overview

When it comes to camping holidays, few can be called select camping holidays. However, there are a number of companies dedicated to offering luxurious camping holidays. A number of these camping holiday companies can be found online which makes the whole booking and research process that much easier.

Searching For the Perfect Camping Holiday

Camping websites such as Select Camping holidays and Select Sites can arrange for camping in a number of regions, at affordable rates. Through Select Camp, one can save up to 40% on selected holidays in the months of June and July. For instance, if one wants to have their camping holiday in Italy, Camping Bella Sardinia may prove to be quite cost-effective. Starting from just £13 for a 2 night stay, the camp site is situated directly in a pine forest with the stunning scenery of the island of Sardinia surrounding it.

Booking and Preparation

Most luxurious camp holidays require one to pay a small deposit while booking online to reserve accommodation. However, it should be noted that some amenities like camping tables and camping stoves may or may not be available from the company. Thus, you should be adequately prepared when booking your holiday.

Accommodation and Air Fare

Through the Eurotunnel, you can easily get to your destination in Europe within a matter of minutes. The whole trip will take just 35 minutes each way as you move across the Sea France lines. Moreover, a single trip will cost as little as £35. If one prefers to fly, there are quite a number of options available. If you’re thinking of going to Milan from Bristol, then the trip will cost as little as £49 for per ticket. If your preferred choice is Pula, Croatia, then a return trip from Birmingham will cost as little as £107. These are just some of the air flights and ferry tickets provided on the Select Camp website to select camp holidays.

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