See the world from the comfort of your couch

There's no need to leave the country to satisfy your wanderlust, thanks to a range of adventure festivals and shows across the UK. But if your sofa isn't offering up quite the inspiration for adventure and lust for travel that you need to see you through to spring, you may want to catch some of the Banff Mountain Film Festival which might just be rolling through a town near you soon.

Experience incredible films with inspiring stories and also visit some remote cultures and the world’s last great wild places - outside of Birmingham that is. There's an overall major prize of a 7 day Mont Blanc guided walk for 2 people with World Expeditions. And this year for the first time, the festival - which started in Canada in 1976 - will be showing a selection of its films in the UK. It's well worth checking out. banffcentre.ca/MountainCulture/Tour

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