See the literary side of Paris.

Literary theme tours are all the rage, with Harry Potter followers in search of Platform 9 ¾, admirers of Sherlock Holmes basking in Baker Street memorabilia and James Bond fans hanging out in the haunts of the world’s coolest spy. So it’s hardly surprising that the idea has spread over the channel and Paris is now enjoying a new wave of literary tourism.

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a scribe, or simply like reading, you may enjoy staying at the newly opened Pavillon des Lettres hotel (www.pavillondeslettres.com) in Paris. It has an apt 26 rooms, each named after an author, running from A for Andersen (Hans Christian) to Z for Zola, reports BBC Travel. If you’re in T for Tolstoy, you’ll find Anna Karenina on the bedside table and passages from the book hand-stencilled on the wall.

Join the literati over coffee at La Belle Hortense (http://cafeine.com) in the Marais. You’ll find the customers of this trendy café with their noses stuck in a good book as they sip their bevearges. La Belle Hortense has a bookshop at the back and hosts regular book signings and debates. And if your French leaves a little to be desired, the Culture Rapide bar (http://culturerapide.com) in the gritty Belleville district, holds Monday evening English language performances and poetry readings.

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