Secret Gems of the World's Airports

Being stranded in an airport is a pretty miserable experience. After wandering around the Duty Free for the umpteenth time or paying way over the odds for some bland chain coffee, your patience might be stretched a little thin. However, in some of the world’s airports, unique charms can be found to take the edge off.

Frescobaldi Wine Bar, Fiumicino Airport, Rome

This Modernist gem serves up world-beating salami, cheese and an impressive array of Italian desserts and delicious coffees that will help you power through the most frustrating of delays, all in a setting reminiscent of a 50s style UFO.

The Arrival Lounge, Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific’s 1,980-square-foot lounge boasts minimalist yet comfortable interiors by celebrated British designer John Pawson. Passengers have the option of reserving one of eight private bathroom suites, each with sumptuously crafted black and white marble walls.

Altitude Restaurant, Geneva International Airport, Geneva

On the 3rd level of the main terminal is this excellent restaurant, helmed by the world-renowned chef team of Gilles Dupont and Thomas Byrne. Breathtaking views of the Jura Mountains are accompanied by signature dishes such as the much feted sautéed veal with risotto and courgette flowers.

Britto, Miami International Airport, Miami

A truly unique offering from Brazilian artist Romero Britto (art pictured above), his eponymous shop at Miami Airport offers something a little different for those looking for a last-minute gift. As well as his trademark silver and enamel sculptures there is an impressive selection of art books for collectors and casual enthusiasts alike.

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