Seaside Holidays in Brighton

Located on the south coast of England, Brighton has been dubbed “London-by-the-Sea.” A Brighton holiday means fun at the beach and adventure in a modern city!

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A visit to the seafront is a must, right between the West Pier and Brighton Pier. At Brighton Pier, you'll see funfair rides, amusement arcades, good restaurants, and fashionable nightclubs. Although awaiting reconstruction, West Pier is gorgeous as ever, despite the two fires that occurred in 2003. On the beach you'll find volleyball and basketball courts, as well as a paddling pool and play area. The best places to dine in are The Boardwalk, Alfresco, and The Honeyclub, which are just by the sea.

From the seafront, go to the city centre for the best places to shop. From the Clock Tower, go west toward the Western Road, which has chain stores like Marks & Spencer, Gap, and Oddbins. Also here is Churchill Square, a shopping palace which has top offerings like the Virgin Megastore, Habitat, and Border’s Books and Music.

Explore the Royal Pavilion, a former royal residence and seaside retreat for the former prince regent. Done in an Indo-Saracen style, it was built in the early 19th century. It has since been purchased by the city, and is used for educational tours; it can also be booked as a hall for banquets and weddings.

Time your trip for the annual Brighton Festival held in May. This is the largest multi-art form festival in England, with over 200 events held in a span of weeks. The event is popular for processions like the Children’s Parade, as well as outdoor firework displays, theatre, music, poetry and book readings, and visual arts exhibits all over Brighton. The festival’s distinctive feature is the Artists’ Open House gallery, where artists and craftsmen literally open their doors for the public to view or purchase artwork.

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